The Black Stag Brewery

While working for a bio-pharma company in Boston, John noticed that many employees of the company had previously worked for the Sam Adams Brewing Company. After inquiring further and touring the brewery, it seemed so obvious, as brewing and bio-pharma manufacturing are essentially the same process.

Both industries use fermentation to achieve their final products. In bio-pharma the protein and enzymes are harvested and purified and the rest is discarded, whereas in brewing we discard the proteins as waste and keep everything else. Once aged, it’s called beer.

Learning this peaked Johns interest, and finally, at the urging of Bill, he began brewing in 2013. Over the years John dreamed of opening a brewery. After many trips to European breweries, breweries across the US, and five years of nano-brewing, a real chance for the brewery to become a reality presented itself.

The owners of 623 Massachusetts, the Marsh family, wanted to lease the premises to the right type of family business with a good concept, so when John, Kathryn, and Bill came calling, the match couldn’t have been better. The Marsh family expressed that they had always thought the location to be a good one for a brewery, and so the Black Stag Brewery finally had a home.

The story of “THE” Black Stag

Growing up in Osawatomie, John’s father was a carpenter and his mother a seamstress. Life was good and always modest. The dinner table was often supplemented with wild game, fish, foraged morel mushrooms, and the like.

During one hunting trip in the fall of the early 1980’s John’s father, Jack, returned to tell a tale about two white tail bucks. The two deer ran together, which is unheard of, as bucks almost never group with other bucks. However, these two did, one following a trail and the other  sticking to the woods, showing its shadow in the blackness of early morning and late evening. Jack said the antlers of the two deer were identical, and he observed these deer and their unique behavior many times every fall of the following years.

The silhouetted Black Stag logo is the actual image of “THE” BLACK STAG from that long ago trip to the old oak woods. And so in dedication to John’s father and to a lifestyle from days gone by, we named the brewery “The Black Stag.”