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* = Limited Edition or Seasonal Beer

Deep Core – Double Black Imperial IPA*

A combination of traditional beer styles, with a flavor profile similar to an Imperial IPA and the dark black color, rich flavor and light chocolate head found in heartier stouts and porters. Robust, Full Body, Hoppy

+7 Mile IPA

An IPA brewed with Simcoe and Cascade hops with grapefruit, it is tropical and hoppy. The name comes from a stretch of beach in Jamaica near the town of Negril. Bitter, Grapefruit, Pine

Tonganoxie Split​ IPA

Served in the black and tan style by pouring a serving of Deep Core over Helles or Founding Fathers Tavern Ale resulting in a remarkably easy to drink Black IPA. The Tongy Split is a local stormy weather phenomenon. Smokey, Pine, Robust.

+Kaw River Valley Pale Ale​

A traditional American pale ale, the KRV is very approachable for the new craft beer enthusiast. Made with all USA ingredients sourced from Washington, Michigan and Ohio, this beer is slightly hop forward but with enough malt character to create a refreshingly drinkable balance. Dry, Citrus, Crisp


A northern English brown ale, Bamburgh is brewed with pecans taking it to the next level without overpowering the malt. The richness comes from the blend of Marris Otter, Biscuit and Special Roast malts with flaked oats for a creamy mouth feel. Hazelnut, Chocolate Notes, Roust

+1865 – Black Stag Black Lager​

German immigrants working on the trans-American railroad brought lager yeast from their home country. However, there were not any cold caves in the American west necessary for making lager but the Germans brewed beer anyway using the temperature typical of an ale; thus, ‘steam ale’ was born. This lager is deceptive in that it looks overwhelmingly dark but is actually an easy-drinking, full-bodied beer that goes down smooth and easy. Malty, chocolate, Sweet

Windmill Dunkel

The German style dunkel is a bottom fermented lager style beer. The word “dunkel” means dark and this dark beer offers balanced flavors of chocolate, bread crust and caramel. Malty, Smooth, Caramel

*The Mad King

The Mad King is our Oktoberfest offering. Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, it is a 16 to 18-day festival running from mid or late September to the first Sunday in October. Oktoberfest has become popular the world over and now it is doubly celebrated for Marchfest as well. Prosit! Malt Forward.


A traditional American stout made with oatmeal and named after a family friend who left us too soon. As are popular Irish stouts, it is gassed with nitrogen resulting in a creamy, wonderful beer. Roust, chocolate, Oatmeal

C3PO – Chocolate Cherry Chipotle Porter*

C3PO is a beer with a kick. Made with Ghana chocolate, chipotle peppers from Madagascar and cherry wood smoked barley, this opening day favorite made its return for the cooler season. Robust, Chocolate, Pepper


This Belgian wit is brewed with coriander, Belgian hard rock candy and sweet orange peel. Hoegaarten monks originated the style. Orange Zest, Spiced, Sweet


Helles is a southern German lager, the go-to beer for most German people but especially in the Munich region. Helles, meaning “clear and bright” in German, takes up to 4 months to deliver the clear, fresh, golden brew. You should be able to read a newspaper through the glass. This beer is named for the KU 1988 National Championship Men’s Basketball team, having won the university’s first national title in nearly 4 decades and as the biggest underdog in the modern era. Crisp, Floral, Easy

Our Founding Fathers Tavern Ale

This cream ale is culled from the recipes of George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Our founding fathers enjoyed a pint and this style of beer likely was served in public houses all over the northeastern colonies. A cream ale is a very light, smooth style reminiscent of the easy drinking Kölsch.

Lemon Radler

Created by pouring a serving of Helles or Founding Fathers Tavern Ale over lemonade resulting in a highly refreshing drink.